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We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding as we wait our turn to return to business. 

Three hot air balloons prepping for take off

A Message To Our Passengers

Hot Air Ballooning is always a great way to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Holidays and the ever popular Bucket List. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Snohomish County has become well known for having Balloons floating overhead. The weather is beautiful and May has always been the start of our flying season. While our balloons have been kept grounded the season and our ability to fly is just now approaching. This year our season is a bit delayed. The flight team here at Snohomish Balloon Rides spends every day fully involved in the latest information and guidelines from local and national health organizations. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding as we wait our turn to return to business. 

While balloon flights do take place with plentiful open, fresh air, there will be multiple changes made to our operations this year. Each is designed to keep our passengers, our friends, our staff, and our families safe and comfortable. We pride ourselves on setting precedent and going above and beyond expectations for safety regulations and for the experience of our passengers. We will continue that precedent moving forward into this new phase of our lives. It is our goal that our passengers have the best experience possible. 

We expect to keep the balloons grounded during the Washington States phased opening guidelines set by The Governor. We anticipate a Phase 3 opening hopefully around the end of June or early July. 

In the interest of safety, adventure, and setting the standard of expectations, we have developed these changes and we want you to be aware of them.

  • Reservations made through our online portal do require full payment in advance however our cancellation policy is flexible during this time to allow for last-minute changes in your schedule without penalty to you. Reservations made over the phone will only require a $50 / person deposit.
  • You can expect all interactions with our staff will be with proper personal safety equipment (gloves and masks at all times)
  • During the check-in process on the day of your flight, there will be temperature scanners for all passengers, pilots, crew, and staff to continually monitor the health and safety of everyone
  • We use electronic waivers that you must complete using your smart device or personal computer prior to flight and have contact free payment opportunities.
  • We will help Reduce transmission by having everyone wear a face mask. We have ordered face masks that will be complimentary (not to be used or intended as replacement for  PPE)  to every balloon passenger should you not have one of your own
  • There will be multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout our passenger experience locations and transport vans
  • Social distancing will continue and we will encourage passengers to remain social distanced as much as is possible throughout the experience
  • All equipment (balloons and vehicles), as well as our passenger reception areas, will be fully sanitized before and after every flight
  • We have limited the quantity of our *Shared balloon rides from 8 to 6 passengers. Members of the same Family may fly up to 8 passengers if requested.
  • We have decreased pricing of our private flights (2 passengers only)  to make that option much more available for all
  • We are limiting our post flight food and drink amenities to one take home souvenir bottle of champagne per party

* If you do book a shared basket, we have taken steps to ensure your safety by decreasing the number of passengers carried in each balloon. However, please be advised that you will still be traveling in a van to and from the launch/landing site with 6 to 8 other people including Pilot and Crew (depending on the number in your party).

Our goal is to be able to bring you an adventure worthy of great memories, especially in a time like today. We’ve done the planning and preparation because we’ve all had our fair share of worries; it’s time for some fun and adventure.

Please check out our website regularly for updates or book online. If you have any questions feel free to call us for more information. We look forward to flying you!


Captain Bob