About Your Ride

What to Expect

Hot air balloon over Snohomish during sunset

The Adventure Begins

Your balloon ride adventure begins when you check in. Morning flights meet approximately 30 minutes before sunrise, and evening flights meet approximately two and a half hours before sunset. Seasonal times apply.

Once checked in, you board our vans and are taken to the launch site. The crew quickly unloads the balloon and assembles it for inflation.

Inflation of the balloon is accomplished by motorized fans. Once the envelope is filled with air, the pilot carefully directs propane burners to heat the air inside the balloon envelope. After just a few minutes, the balloon is standing upright and ready for you to board.

Once on board, your pilot introduces you to the flight with a passenger briefing filled with information to help you enjoy the flight and prepare for the landing.

Everyone gets a window seat. Balloon rides have been called “a nature walk in the sky.” Get ready; you’re about to experience the magic of ballooning.

Up, Up, and Away!

As you gently leave the ground, you’re amazed at how light the balloon feels. During the flight, you have unobstructed 360-degree views, allowing for breathtaking photographs.

To steer the balloon, your pilot explores a variety of altitudes, from just above the treetops up to perhaps as high as 3,000 feet. By changing altitude, your pilot is also able to change direction by finding shifts in wind currents.

On our flights, we commonly see the Cascade Mountains, Snohomish River, the high rise buildings of downtown Seattle, and breathtaking views of Mount Rainier.

Your pilot points out the occasional eagle’s nest as well as salmon and beavers swimming up the river. He might descend within inches of the river, much to everyone’s delight, for the best viewing opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions