Snohomish Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Snohomish & Winthrop

The Northwest is a beautiful place for hot air ballooning, and seeing it from above aboard a hot air balloon is an experience like no other. Floating just above the river and the trees high enough to see Seattle and Vancouver creates an unforgettable balloon ride moment. Everyone loves hot air balloon rides, so share the ride! Even though you ride with other guests, your hot air balloon ride in Snohomish includes all the romance of a private hot air balloon ride. Sunrise flights average from 60 to 90 minutes aloft, and sunset flights average from 45 to 60 minutes aloft. Sunrise and evening departure times are seasonal.

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Important Flight Info

  • Chevron down Meeting & Balloon Launch Times
  • Morning Flights
    Our meeting time is 30 minutes before the official sunrise for all morning hot air balloon flights.

    Afternoon Flights
    Our meeting time is two hours before the official sunset for afternoon hot air balloon rides.

    All Flights
    You are notified of your meeting time at the time you make your reservation. The meeting site can change based on seasonal factors. You are notified of the location when you make the reservation. If you need directions, are lost, or are running late, call us directly anytime.

    Late Arrivals and No-Shows
    Please allow extra travel time for traffic. Late arrivals count as no-shows unless all other passengers flying in the balloon are willing to delay the launch for your arrival (not likely!).

  • Chevron down Weather Advisory
  • Our balloons are U.S. federally licensed and registered aircraft, are fully U.S. insured, and adhere to all FAA regulations. Some FAA limitations may apply. Snohomish Balloon Ride makes every attempt possible within the balloon’s flight characteristics and applicable FAA regulations to complete the balloon flight, weather permitting. However, due to the size and complexity of hot air balloons, operations cannot take place in all weather conditions. Should adverse weather conditions exist, the pilot may exercise his right to cancel and/or abort the flight. The pilot in command has full, final, and complete authority as to any and all operations that can be attempted. Snohomish Balloon Ride makes the best effort possible; however, there is no guarantee of any operation or duration of flights. We reserve the right to cancel flight operation for any reason.

    Read more on our cancelation policy.

  • Chevron down Passenger Check-In
    • Please call to check in for your flight by 5 p.m. the day prior to your flight. Passengers who fail to check in may be considered no-shows and forfeit their reservation and deposit.
    • If the weather looks bad enough to cancel the balloon flight, we attempt to contact you as early as possible prior to the meeting time. Otherwise, we expect you to arrive at our meeting location at the specified time. Once you confirm your flight, consider no news as good news. We only contact you if there is a change or cancellation.
    • Be sure to give us a valid cell phone number at the time of booking so we can inform you of any last-minute changes or cancellation.
  • Chevron down Landing Back on Earth
  • Throughout your balloon flight, the pilot stays in radio contact with the ground crew. They continuously follow your balloon on the ground so that they can be ready and waiting for you upon landing. Landing sites change with each flight due to the wind speed and directions encountered, but we have our favorites.

    Once back on the ground, the balloon is deflated by our crew. All the air is pushed out and the balloon is packed back onto the trailer, ready for the next flight. Join in and help if you like; it helps us get you on to the next portion of your experience faster. A traditional celebration awaits back at the check-in site.

    All riders, first-timers or not, are treated to the legendary Balloonist’s Flight Ceremony that balloonists all over the world have been sharing for more than a century. And finally, to prove your difference from ordinary mortals, you are inducted into the ballooning society and awarded your Balloon Flight Wings, a custom-designed balloon lapel pin to wear with pride, allowing you to boast your balloon flight adventure to all who see you wear it. It’s a truly unique experience.