Winthrop Shared Sunrise Balloon Flight

Quick Details

Fly Above Scenic Winthrop

The annual Winthrop Balloon Festival happens in early March, and it’s quite a sight to behold. Over a dozen balloons from around the Northwest fill the morning skies. Be one of the few lucky passengers who get to be part of it and experience it aboard a balloon! Passenger space is limited, so please book early for this exciting event.

This flight averages from 60 to 75 minutes aloft, launching just after sunrise. There’s a great post-flight celebration upon completion of the flight. Lodging is not included.


  • Chevron down Meeting & Balloon Launch Times
  • Our meeting time is 30 minutes before the official sunrise. You are notified of your meeting time at the time you make your reservation. The meeting site can change based on seasonal factors. You are notified of the location when you make the reservation. If you need directions, are lost, or are running late, please call us directly anytime.

  • Chevron down Weather Advisory
  • Snohomish Balloon Ride makes every attempt possible within the balloon’s flight characteristics and applicable FAA regulations to complete the balloon flight, weather permitting. However, due to the size and complexity of hot air balloons, operations can’t take place in all weather conditions. Should adverse weather conditions exist, the pilot exercises his right to cancel and/or abort the flight.

    Read more on our cancelation policy.

  • Chevron down Passenger Check-In
  • Please call to check in for your flight by 5 p.m. the day prior to your flight. If you fail to check in, you may be considered a no-show and forfeit your reservation and deposit.

    If the weather is looking bad enough to cancel the balloon flight, we attempt to contact you as early as possible prior to the meeting time. Otherwise, we expect you to arrive at our meeting location at the specified time. Be sure to give us a valid cell phone number at the time of booking so we can inform you of any last-minute changes or cancellation.