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Winthrop Shared Sunrise Balloon Flight

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Per Passenger

Fly Above Scenic Winthrop

We are the Official Balloon Ride Provider to The Balloon Round-up

The annual Winthrop Balloon Festival happens in early March, and it’s quite a sight to behold. Over a dozen balloons from around the Northwest fill the morning skies. Be one of the few lucky passengers who get to be part of it and experience it aboard a balloon! Passenger space is limited, so please book early for this exciting event.

This flight averages from 60 to 75 minutes aloft, launching just after sunrise. There’s a great post-flight celebration upon completion of the flight. Lodging is not included.

SCAM ALERT: There is no fee for spectators viewing this event. Please be aware of scams that may try to charge you to enter and watch the balloons inflate, launch and fly. Snohomish Balloon Ride is the Official Balloon Ride Operator booking passenger space to those who would like to fly aboard the balloons.