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Meet Your Chief Pilot

Snohomish Hot Air Balloon Rides

Company owner and Chief Pilot, Captain Bob has logged over 9,000 hours piloting hot air balloons worldwide.  On his first flight in 1981, he knew his life had changed.

Hot air ballooning has been Bob's full-time career since 1987. He started flying balloons in Arizona in 1984, flying corporate balloons for local Phoenix Radio 55-KOY, Y-95 and KNIX. Nationally Captain Bob operated marketing balloon programs for AT&T, Ray-O-Vac Batteries, Klondike Ice Cream and Famous Footwear Shoe stores. A "Major Client" attitude has been adopted to personalized hot air balloon rides, treating customers with the same first class attitude and service that made him successful working with major corporations.

Captain Bob enjoys flying Snohomish best of all. He has enjoyed flying Snohomish during the summers since 1998. The Northwest is a beautiful place. Bob says "there’s nothing like seeing it from above everything while aboard a hot air balloon".  Snohomish Balloon Ride believes that floating just above the river and the trees, high enough to see Seattle and Vancouver, creates a memorable balloon ride moment for anyone adventurous enough to join us. Where else can you stand in one place and see Mt Baker, Mt Rainier, the Cascades and the Olympic mountain all at the same time?

The History of Snohomish Balloon Ride & the Airfield Where We Operate

Snohomish Balloon Ride is located about 30 miles northeast of Seattle at Harvey Airfield in historic Snohomish. Also known as Harvey Field, it is a privately owned, public use airport.

Harvey Airfield was established in 1944 by Noble and Eldon Harvey and Wesley Loback on the Harvey family's Dairy Farm property. Hot Air Ballooning became part of everyday life at Harvey Airfield around 1984 when Airial Balloon Company was founded by Eldon’s granddaughter Marylin Harvey. Historic Snohomish and the Snohomish river valley with its variety of meadows, foothills and farms has become home to most of the ballooning in the Pacific Northwest. Snohomish Balloon Ride makes its home at Harvey, launching 90% of the Sunset Balloon Rides from the airport's green fields.

What Passengers Are Saying

What a beautiful and amazing experience. It was so calming to be above the hustle and bustle of the city life and take in the spectacular 360 degree view of all the mountain ranges and the Snohomish valley landscape. Bob and his crew did a fantastic job throughout the flight and we celebrated with a fun champagne tradition afterwards. Definitely will do this again



My wife and I got married in Bob's balloon and had an amazing time. We booked it as a backup plan because of Covid, but it couldn't have worked out any better. The balloon ride itself was a blast, and I'm afraid of heights. Bob and his staff were extremely accommodating for our big day. The few guests we had even commented on how friendly and professional they all were.

The setting was also perfect. There is a gazebo area with picnic tables and lights where we had dinner before the balloon ride, and cake and champagne after. The whole experience was so much fun and we can't recommend Snohomish Balloon Rides enough.

Peter L.


My husband and I had our first official date on a hot air balloon over 5 years ago. We wanted to elope but wanted it to be somewhere special and meaningful to us. Since our first date was on a balloon, we figured getting married on one would be perfect! My sister was our officiant, our pilot was amazing and the staff allowed us to take pictures with our families before taking off. It was fun, stressfree, and relaxing!



It took six tries (first time was cancelled due to COVID restrictions; the other times were weather/smoke-related)… but we finally flew in mid-October, and it was wonderful! I am afraid of heights, but actually enjoy flying, as long as there is a feeling of security. There was such a feeling in the balloon. This was partly due to the height of the basket, partly due to all of the things that Captain Bob takes into account in order to be safe, and partly due to a surprising lack of the sense of movement, coupled with amazing quiet (except when the burner had to be fired up). Even though we didn’t travel very far because of minimal wind, we all agreed that that didn’t matter, because we were so stunned by the views in all direction. It was very relaxing and exhilarating at the same time!



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While You're Here

In our experience if you're looking for a comfortable place to stay for the evening or to grab a bite to eat, these locations won't disappoint.


Hampton Inn

2931 W Marine View Dr.
Everett, WA 98201

(855) 605-0317

7.1 Miles from Snohomish

Snohomish Inn

323 2nd Street
Snohomish, WA 98290
(360) 568-2208

Downtown Snohomish


Fred's Rivertown Alehouse

1114 1st St.
Snohomish, WA 98290

(360) 568-5820


El Paraiso Mexican Grill

14090 Fryelands Blvd
Monroe, WA 98272


Spada Farmhouse Brewery

701 1st St
Snohomish, WA 98290


Everyone is Welcome!

Every year people from all around the country visit us here in Snohomish to take their first hot air balloon ride. To date, those who have traveled the farthest are from Curitiba, Brazil.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride - Snohomish Style

Private Flight 2-4 Passengers

Shared Flight 2-10 Passengers

Shared Flight 2-10 Passengers

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