Assumption of Risk Agreement

Passenger Waiver

Please Read. We do our absolute best to minimize and avoid risk to you and ourselves. Prior to the flight, the Pilot will give a “Pre-Flight Briefing”, similar to what you can expect before your commercial airline flight departs. This briefing is meant to inform you of valuable safety information. Every passenger must be present for this briefing. You will have a chance to ask questions so feel free.

There are inherent dangers in absolutely everything we do each day. You can get hurt doing anything – driving a car, taking a shower, crossing the road, mowing your lawn, climbing a flight of stairs, or riding a bicycle. Ballooning is not a magical exception to this rule.

All passengers must read, understand, and sign our Assumption of Risk Agreement. In the case of minors under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Agreement. Please take the time to view and understand our Assumption of Risk Agreement before you fly with us. Due to Insurance requirements, passengers who refuse to sign the Assumption of Risk Agreement will not be flown.

This Agreement does not absolve us from responsibility – it is our absolute duty to minimize risks and ensure the safety of all people in the air and on the ground. We expect to never have the need to use these signed pieces of paper for their intended purpose. We reserve the right to cancel the flight, at no cost to you, should we feel an unsafe condition exists.