Covid 19 Update To Our Passengers – 2023

COVID-19 Update
A COVID-19 Update from Captain Bob of Snohomish Balloon Ride

COVID-19 Update

Our 2023 flying season is opening soon. Guidelines have loosened and that gives people a sense of confidence about doing more as a group and being outdoors in general. Hot Air Ballooning is done totally outdoors in a fresh open air environment.  

We know a lot more this year than we did a year ago but we are still operating with Covid guidelines and procedures!

While balloon flights do take place with plentiful open, fresh air, there were multiple changes made to our operations, many that have now become standard procedure for our everyday lives. Each was designed to keep our passengers, our friends, our staff, and our families safe and comfortable.

Changes to Be Aware Of

In the interest of safety, adventure, and setting the standard of expectations, we have continued to use some of the safety protocols adopted in 2020 but have updated them. They are as follows:

  1. First and foremost, if you do not feel well, or know you have been near someone who has been exposed, please stay home. We will re-book you and anyone attending with you for a later date.
  2. Our cancellation policy remains flexible to allow for last-minute changes in your schedule or ability without penalty to you.
  3. You can expect all interactions with our staff will be with proper personal safety precautions.
  4. Face coverings and masks are not required.
  5. We do not require vaccinations.
  6. During the check-in process on the day of your flight you will be asked if you have any symptoms or have been exposed.
  7. To keep our Check-in process touchless, we use electronic waivers that everyone must complete prior to flight. This can be done using your smart device or personal computer prior to flight. We use contact free payment opportunities as well.
  8. Hand sanitizer is available for your use at various locations at our passenger waiting area.
  9. We encourage passengers to remain socially distanced as much as is possible throughout the experience.

* If you do book a shared basket, we have taken steps to ensure your safety and comfort. However, please be advised that you will still be traveling in a van to and from the launch/landing with other people including Pilot and Crew (amount depending on the number in your party).

Our Goal

Our goal is to be able to bring passengers an adventure worthy of great memories.

We’ve done the planning and preparation because we’ve all had our fair share of worries; it’s time for some fun and adventure.

Please check out our website regularly for updates or to book online. If you have any questions, feel free to call us for more information. We look forward to flying you!

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